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We clean to code!

Our kitchen exhaust system cleaning is performed in accordance with NFPA-96

Our service is guaranteed. Our staff and hood cleaning servicemen will take every step necessary to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied that your system was cleaned properly, you will receive complimentary return service to handle any discrepancies.



What Sets Us Apart... we get down to the core of the grime.

We take Pride in giving you the best hood cleaning service available. Our hood cleaning servicemen are trained in the latest grease removal techniques to ensure that your kitchen exhaust system is grease free as possible.

Quality is our top priority. We make sure that you are getting the service that you feel you deserve. Our quality control inspectors keep the servicemen on their toes so that they continue to provide you with the highest quality and most thorough service.

Jaime Barbosa, Aqua Clean Co.

Additional Services We Provide

Home Exteriors

Here is a good example of how effective a our power washing services can provide to your homes' exterior. Shown is green algae taken over this beautiful stone wall.


Get your original look to your deck and enjoy it as you did when you originally built it.

Driveways & Sidewalks

Look at the difference you'll see driving up to your home after we clean your driveway.


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